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You manage the online storefront, we store and ship products.


1) Build it. Front End E-Commerce Store Front

Bandwear currently provides fulfillment for Shopify, Big Commerce, Bandcamp, Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, and many other e-commerce platforms. Custom integration with other platforms is available. One-time $99.00 set up to link your online storefront to our fulfillment systems.


2) Make it

You can start by selling existing inventory, or Bandwear can make any “merch” items for you. Simply let us know details on making any items and we can get you a quote and more info.



3) Sell It. Ship It. Fulfillment Pricing

Pick & Pack Fulfillment

• Starting at $1.25 per order + per item fulfillment/packaging
• Postage at USPS cost.
• A complete list of per item cost and postage can be found HERE.


Monthly Storage:

• Storage is calculated per item. A list of storage per item can be found HERE.
• You are only charged for storage OR fulfillment, not both.
• The majority of our clients do NOT pay for storage – only fulfillment

There is no contract, and you can shut down your store at any time – we even take care of items lost or damaged in the mail, exchanges, etc.

Contact us at 877-226-3932 or for more info.
Or, want use to build and manage the Online Storefront for you? Click here for more info.

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