Bandwear Funding offers a better way to crowd-fund with Online Store E-Commerce, Merch/CD/Vinyl Manufacturing, and Shipments to your fans all under one umbrella.

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1) Build it
Bandwear will create a unique, e-commerce online store to sell your music & merch as part of our Bandwear Superstore .  You can offer any items you like as part of your crowd-funding campaign: CDs, vinyls, merch, digital downloads, experiences, bundles, etc. You promote the store to your fans and start selling! A one-time $99 fee to build the store. (Up to 10 products. $9.99 ea. additional product)

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2) Make It
You can sell existing merch and music inventory, or Bandwear can manufacturer items for. We offer over 700,000 merch items (tees, posters, hats, stickers, etc), as well as vinyl manufacturing through our HAND DRAWN PRESS VINYL division (literally the world’s most advanced vinyl facility), and CD production through our CRYSTAL CLEAR CD division. We do not have to manufacture items in order to facilitate your online store and fulfillment, however there are of course significant benefit and cost savings when this is all under one umbrella.


3) Ship It
Once your crowd-funding campaign is complete, Bandwear will warehouse your products and handle the shipment of orders to your fans. (You have WAY better things to do than stuff envelopes and lick stamps). You set the retail price for each item and sales are split 80/20. However it’s important to note this is INCLUSIVE of fulfillment – as all the expenses associated with fulfillment – packaging, labels, labor, e-commerce platform fees, credit card fees, etc – come from the 20%. For example: an item sold for $10 – you get $8, we keep $2, and your customer pays for the postage/shipping. Bandwear collects and retains the shipping/handling fees from the customer and forwards to postal service.


4) Added Benefits
  • You’ll have complete access to the “back-end” of your store to view your sales, customer data, inventory, etc.
  • All sales can be reported to SoundScan.
  • And every Bandwear Store can be automatically linked to the band’s Spotify page, giving fans easy access to the band’s merch as they stream.
  • We’ll handle any customer service issues – bad addresses, customer exchanges, etc.
  • PAYMENT: 40% of sales paid 30 days after campaign launch. 30% paid when the bulk of fulfillment starts. 30% paid when all items are fulfilled.

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5) Promote It
There are a number of creative ways we can assist in generating sales for your store – discount coupons, up-sale items at checkout, free digital download with purchase, limited edition exclusive items, pre-sales, social media marketing to maximize traffic to the store for current fans and generate new fans, Google Pixel tracking, and more.


5) Keep Selling It
With other crowd-funding platforms, once your campaign is over there is no more opportunity to offer your music and merch to fans. But why stop selling just because the campaign is over? Your online store is already up & running so Bandwear will simply keep your products in inventory and keep selling and shipping day to day orders! There is an annual $99.00 maintenance cost to cover making periodic changes to the store as needed. In fact, simply add any previous music releases and merch items to your store and offer ALL your music and merch in one easy place for fans!

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5) Start It
It’s quick and easy to get started, and in most cases we can have your store up and running in just a few days. Contact us at 877-226-3932 or for more info.
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