The easiest solution to ship products to your backers.

Your Indiegogo campaign is complete. You crushed your goal and your local, regional, and international backers are excited to get their orders.  Now what?

You need to spend your time creating and advancing your business, but instead your stuffing envelopes, packing boxes, licking stamps, running out of space, driving to the post office, dealing with customer service issues – what a hassle.

Save time, hassle, and cost instead by taking advantage of Bandwear’s professional Shipping & Fulfillment services. Here’s how it works:

Shipping & Fulfillment

Simply forward your Indiegogo order data via a simple Excel or CSV file and coordinate delivery of items to the Bandwear warehouse. Bandwear will handle inventory and shipment of orders to your backers. You’ll receive report with tracking info and confirmation.

Items lost or damaged in the mail? Customer gave a bad address? Exchanges? Package returned? No problem at all. Bandwear handles any and all customer service issues for you.

What does it cost?

Base cost for fulfillment is only $1.25 to process each order plus fulfillment/packaging cost for each specific item. Simply let us know the size and weight of your specific item and contact us at for quote.

Significant Postage Savings

Because of Bandwear’s high volume of shipments, our postage rates are significantly lower than standard USPS rates. For example: Rate for a 2lb. package via USPS is $11.75 – at Bandwear it’s only $7.13. (Pricing as of May 2018). That’s $4.62 savings and that’s just one small example! Multiply that by dozens/hundreds of shipments and you can easily see the significant savings and advantage of shipping with Bandwear. In addition, Bandwear is an expert at International shipping with International Ship costs averaging 30-40% lower vs USPS rates.

Wouldn’t this cost less if I just shipped product myself?

By the time you purchase envelopes, boxes, labels, ink, etc. Spend time storing, sorting, verifying, stuffing, factoring postage amounts, etc, And pay more for postage without the advantage of Bandwear’s volume discounts – then NO. Most folks find in almost all circumstances that they save time, hassle, and cost to have Bandwear ship for them.

Plus it’s important to note in almost every circumstance the amount collected for shipping on your campaign, whether that is collected separately or integrated into the cost of your item or perk covers the cost of Bandwear’s fulfillment costs and our discounted postage rates. In other words, your backers are actually technically paying for the shipping & fulfillment with no additional funds out of pocket from you.

What’s Next?

With the name Bandwear we obviously serve many in the music and entertainment business – but are equally situated to partner with entrepreneurs, start-ups, small & large businesses, non-profits and more. In other words – all our customers are rock stars!

Simply complete the quick form below with details on your project and we’ll get right back to you. Or want to talk to a real person? Contact Jim Cocke at or 214-473-4532 and we’ll put together pricing and details for your specific campaign.

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