Generate excitement with fans and collect advance income by launching a Pre-Sale for an upcoming music project or merch item!


1) Build it

Bandwear will create a professional E-Commerce Online Store with your music and merch as part of our Bandwear Superstore. You promote the online store to your fans thru email, social media, gigs, etc and start selling!
*One-time $99.00 setup fee to build the store.
(Up to 10 products. $9.99 each additional product.)


2) Sell It

You promote the Online Store and Pre-Sale to your fans thru email, social media, gigs, etc and start selling!

t-shirt on screen table

3) Make It

You can send us completed items, or Bandwear can make any CD, vinyl, or “merch” products for you. Simply let us know details on making any items and we can get you a quote and more info.

Workers In Distribution Warehouse

4) Ship

Once the Pre-Sale is complete, Bandwear will ship products to your fans/customers.
*Fulfillment Services billed at 80/20 split. (For ex: Item sold for $10 – you get $8, we keep $2. Your customer pays for the shipping.) All expenses: Credit card fees, packaging, storage, labor, etc come out of our 20%. We even take care of items lost or damaged in the mail, exchanges, etc.


5) Keep Selling It

Why stop selling just because the Pre-Sale is over! Your Online Store is already up & running so Bandwear will simply store your remaining product inventory free of charge and then handle the day to day shipment of orders. There is an annual $99.00 Maitenence Cost to cover making periodic changes to the store as needed.

Contact us at 877-226-3932 or for more info.

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